Thank you for your interest in The Axon School. We invite you to explore this site and learn what makes us a premier learning environment for children.


We get students excited about coming to school and learning — every day. By weaving compassion and creativity into research-based lesson programs and personalized instruction, our educators strive to unlock the exceptional potential in kids who have diverse learning abilities.


In 2017, Dr. Akif envisioned a school where children could have an opportunity to an excellent education regardless of how they learn or if they have learning differences. In 2019, The Axon School was founded on the very concept and bright students who may have struggled in traditional school settings could now thrive! With only a handful of students our story has just begun.


We will set the standard for teaching students alike with or without  learning differences. Their educational journey will be transformative, uniquely defined by our innovative strategies and strong community collaboration.

We create a community of Axon Learners who feel good about themselves and advocate for what they need so that they can participate and succeed in the world.


  • Children can reach untapped potential when provided with
    • appropriate small group instruction
    • social-emotional guidance
    • community support
  • Children are best able to succeed academically and socially when the school
    • utilizes a whole-child approach
    • simultaneously develops academics and foundational abilities (e.g., processing skills, attention, motor skills)
    • promotes development of self-esteem and intrinsic motivation
  • Regular interactions are necessary to determine the most effective intervention for each child


The Axon School has a team of educators, partners, and students who collaborate to ensure that every individual at the school grows and succeeds.


We provide

  • Individualized Program
  • Blended classrooms
  • Adaptive technologies
  • Sensory supports
  • Assistive technologies
  • Executive Function Support
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Personalized Instruction


Axon transforms kids lives!

  • “This is a sanctuary for me because I feel safe.”
  • “I feel appreciative for the teachers and to be here because they make me feel like I belong.”
  • “We connect with the teachers therefore I am able to focus and learn the instructed materials even if it is boring because I have a relationship with the teachers.”
  • “The teachers are nice and encouraging.”
  • “I feel heard and seen.”