Typical Day

8:00am – Advisory Class

8:30am – Science and Math

10:00am – Movement/Recess

10:45am – Writing

11:30am –  Elective

12:00pm – Lunch

12:45pm – Mindfulness

1:00pm – Enrichment/Clean-up

2:00pm – Daily Planning/Reading

2:30pm – Dismissal 


We would like to invite you join us for our part-time program designed for students who are distant learners or homeschoolers in grades 1-5. 

The Axon School will provide an environment that will give each child an opportunity to grow and thrive in a community of kind, respectful teachers, staff and peers.

The Axon School is a great fit for students who:

  • Thrive in a smaller classroom setting
  • Are curious learners
  • Enjoy hands-on experiences
  • Need more teacher engagement

The Axon School is a great fit for parents who:

  • Are looking for an inclusive and safe environment
  • Understand the value of personal growth
  • Value home time vs. homework
  • Seek academics and life-skills

Our experienced staff will provide in-person classes and learning experiences in a nurturing environment. Students who are enrolled in LCPS while attending the program will have individualized assistance in completing their school work for DL classes. 

Parents may choose to have their child come to The Axon School from 2-4 days a week  We also offer before and after school programs.

  • Tuition starts at $700/month on a 10-month plan
    • All Supplies and Academic material included
    • Field Trips included
    • Weekly Progress Session included
    • Technology Fee and use of devices included
  • Incentives available – siblings, first responder, and 1 annual payment
  • For students with Learning Differences (LD) additional services are available