Our Approach

  • Who We Teach

The Axon School supports students in grades 1-8 who benefit from smaller class sizes and personalized instruction in a respectful and engaging community. We ensure our students who do have learning challenges are felt included in our community and their abilities are nurtured using executive function strategies.

Axon students are eager to learn and are socially and behaviorally healthy. Students arrive to The Axon School often feeling discouraged and within a few short weeks their confidence and self-esteem are visibly gaining strength as they begin to experience their own potential. Our students quickly learn that they have a voice and how best to use it to their advantage.

While we are a school that can serves children with mild learning differences, to guarantee the individual attention that each student will receive, The Axon School cannot support children with behavioral issues. 

Typical Day

8:00am – Advisory Class

8:30am – Science and Math

10:00am – Movement/Recess

10:45am – Writing

11:30am –  Elective

12:00pm – Lunch

12:45pm – Mindfulness

1:00pm – Enrichment/Clean-up

2:00pm – Daily Planning/Reading

2:30pm – Dismissal